jSpeaker Plugin for jQuery JavaScript Library

jSpeaker Plugin for jQuery JavaScript Library

This plugin will speak the text thats in the selected object. It uses the google translate speak/listen function. Keep in mind that this is based on a little hack, so when google changes something, this plugin may break or explode. I'm not responsable to any harm that this plugin may cause.


    Witten by Daantje Eeltink, Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.


    Check this link for a working example.


    jSpeaker plugin v1.0.1 and samples -  jSpeaker.zip


    jPlayer plugin: http://www.jplayer.org (> v2.0.0)


    swfPath: Path to jPlayer plugin
    lang: Language to speak. (eg.: nl, en, de, es...)
    line: Speak only this line (eg.: 0 speaks only the first line)


    $('#someSelector').jSpeaker(); //when jPlayer path is correct in jSpeaker plugin. Else set swfPath!


Find a way to cache the lines to speak as mp3 into memory while we're bussy and call them when needed to kill the pauzes between lines. But this may not be possible.